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The history of this Famous NY Deli in South Florida

Back in the original five Burroughs in New York–yes, we are counting South Florida as the sixth–every neighborhood has its deli. One would never have to travel far to find an awesome pastrami on rye, homemade turkey, corned beef, or lox. But for most New Yorkers, things took a big change on the migration to Florida, and they missed the real deli experience of New York.

our sandwichSo, in 1969, Pomperdale Famous New York Deli opened its doors and has been serving our famous deli fare for over 50 Years. At Pomperdale, Rick Bruskin (The Deli Guy) & Brie Bruskin (The Deli Gal), make it their mission to give everyone the ultimate dining experience by serving up superior New York deli food. In 2022, joining forces with John Mautner, we have started franchising because, the world needs a great deli.

Our goal is to please every customer and we don’t cut corners in the process. We take the painstaking time to make sure everything is “just what the customer ordered!” We do everything the old-fashioned way, including making our own matzo ball soup in-house and pickling and curing our own meats. We do it all.

Pomperdale selects only the best meats to serve to our customers. We are very meticulous about the ingredients we use, and everything from pastrami, corned beef, turkey, roast beef, soups, solid white loin tuna, chicken salad, side dishes and breads is made fresh daily. Now that’s care.

The portions at Pomperdale are huge, in the New York Tradition! The signature, cut-to-order pastrami and corned beef sandwiches are unparalleled, and not one customer has ever left our deli hungry!

Our commitment to provide our customers with more than just food has and will be the reason Pomperdale continues to achieve Best Deli Awards in South Florida year after year.

“If I knew anyone went hungry after eating at my deli, it would break my heart.” -Rick, Owner, Pomperdale Famous New York Deli (The Deli Guy).


Recent Reviews from our Satisfied Customers


“Excellent NY DELI. Corned beef, pastrami, all kosher fare, serving breakfast + bagels are huge, fresh, tasty. Best part? — THE PERSONNEL. Comedic, up-beat, talented, hard-working folks who make ordinary meals transform into happy experiences….”
– Marilyn K.
“Open the door to a warm welcome. Rewind forward a bit to when we were sitting down eating our lunch a “ton” of regulars come in and are greeted by name. “WHAT” ok! Back to when we came in. They asked if this is our first time and explained that they cook and season their own meats daily. The delicious Rugulah and chocolate chip cookies are made daily. So light,flavorful, warm and a little crunch a perfect way to end a meal. Let’s talk about the meats ” pastrami and corn beef” perfection….”
– Felicia K.
“Absolutely Amazing! The staff was very accommodating and friendly. The portions are very large, so bring your appetite or someone to share with….”
– Matt G.
“Been wanting to try this gem for years as I’ve heard they are one of a few places that actually make make their own Pastrami and Corned Beef from scratch. Stopped in and the owners could not have been any friendlier and welcoming. Real old school deli vibe w all the classic dishes. I did a take out of the famed aforementioned meats and I can tell you that this is the real deal. Flavorful and expertly sliced, which is an an oft overlooked skill that can ruin a sandwich…”
– Steve W.

Pomperdale Famous New York Deli

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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